Conquering the world one recipe at a time!

Hello Folks!

I am so glad you found my page. I am Jessie – recipe developer, food columnist, coffee addict, farm to table foodie, back road runner, and the face behind The Hangry Diaries.

In may of 2016 my husband, Brandon and I decided to pack up all of our stuff, quit our jobs, and move half way across the country to a state that we never even visited before. We traded in our 1,200 square foot east-coast apartment to an old farm house rental on a 1,200 acre dairy farm. We’ve since bought our own little house to call our own.

It’s not just us in this house, our puppers definitely rule our roost. Tater, is a weenie dog rescue, most certainly named after the famous potatoes; and, on most days THE couch potato. And, Drake is a purebred black lab, most certainly named after the duck not the rapper; and, my husbands hunting buddy!

NOW, the part most of you are here for… the food!

Food, to me, is more than just perfectly paired ingredients tossed together in a skillet. Food connects us; it is the common denominator for all human kind. Through food, we are able to teach people more about us and learn about various cultures around the world.

Food is about bringing more to the plate than just food, each dish tells a story. A story of my husband’s grandmother’s Sunday gravy which her grandmother learned from her grandmother. Or, an homage to my grandmother’s handmade pierogies because it is the thing I remember most about family get-togethers. These are the things that keep our culture alive and our family heritage current for future generations.

I am here to cook with you in your kitchens! I pride myself on easy recipes, most of which are gluten free because Brandon has Celiac Disease. BUT, don’t let that fool you. What most people don’t realize is that the more unprocessed you cook the more naturally gluten free something is. One-pot meals are something you will come across often on The Hangry Diaires.

Farm to table cooking is my jam (yes, that pun was totally intended). I love taking simple ingredients and preparing them well so that the flavors can shine. So please, grab a cutting board, pull up my blog on your phone, and let’s get cooking!

If you’d like some behind the scenes in my kitchen, puppy cuteness, and the chronicles of my husband, follow me here and here!