July 21, 2020
Doe A Deer & Corn Salad
Doe a Deer Corn Towel

Have you ever saw a product online while scrolling through your feed and it jumps out at you like a deer during the rut? (ha, see what I did there?) Well that is exactly what happened when I saw the beautiful, colorful, and quirky line that Regan Doely from Doe A Deer has to offer.

Recently, we teamed up for a collaboration for the launch of her ‘Home is Where the Sweet Corn Is’ towel! Not to mention, it is almost sweet corn season here in Iowa. I actually got my first batch from the famous local pick up truck around town.

I created a sweet corn salad with creamy dressing for this launch. Inspired with a Mexican flare, you will also find queso fresco, pickled red onions, and cilantro on top for that pop of flavor. Drooling? Me too!

Best. Summer. Duo. Ever!!!
Image from Doe a Deer

You will find the full recipe on her site, here!

Now, for my favorite five products from Doe a Deer. You may have seen Regan in Flea Market Decor Magazine or even at Spring at the Silos at Magnolia Market… yes THAT Magnolia Market. Below, you will see why…

Top Five Fav List

No. 1 – Home is where the sweet corn is towel.

You kind of had to expect that, right?!
Check it out here!

No. 2 – Find joy in the little things mug

Those of you who know me well, know that I love coffee!

Get yours here!

No. 3 Family recipe cards

Enough said.

Start writing your memories now!

No. 4 Iowa fridge magnet

Because Iowa is home.

For you, too?! Snag yours!

No. 5 Plant lady Swedish dishcloth

Because everyone has that one crazy plant lady in their life!

Treat the plant people in your life!

Doe a Deer is sure to be my go-to for holiday shopping this year… Christmas is just around the corner – believe it or not! Get your sweet corn towel and my top five favs for the folks on your shopping list!